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Troyer's Dutch Heritage Restaurant 'Vette Cruise

It was a perfect day for a cruise southward.

We had more than 20 'Vettes for the ride!


Carol couldn't wait to check out the April SCA Newsletter.

Georgia and Roland arrive.

Great shot for an album cover, huh?

Everyone was gearing up for the ride.





Barb, Sandy & Steve were talking it over.

Looks like Ed was ready to get down to business.

Jerry & Scott ... definitely talking horsepower.

Time to GO!


We made great time ... and that's a surprise?


Kathy & Barb take a moment to pose.

Time to EAT!







Time to SING!

Happy B-day Karen!
Sorry you & Dave couldn't be there to celebrate with us.

Time to SHOP!

AND ... now it's time to say CHEESE!