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'Vettes & Boats

Pictures submitted by Ed. Thanks Ed!
This was our 3rd Annual meeting with the boats.

Mike was happy to see another great turnout.

At least 25 'Vette representatives in all.

Larry & Mitzi were working their first road trip.

What a gorgeous and picturesque setting!

The conversations were certainly plentiful.

Happy faces could be found everywhere you looked.


As always the boats came in great numbers.

More smiles ... lead by Shannon.

Georgia took Alan & Chelby's place this year ...

... her 'Vette needed a little TLC by day's end.

Pictures submitted by Rick & Barb. Thaks Rick & Barb!
John & Jerry seen enjoying the day.

Here's an other spectacular view.

Ed was giving Mike some pointers.

This must have been a serious conversation.

Barb, Sandy & Steve sharing time together.

Bill & John looking over one of our power plants.

Shannon & Geo ... talking it over.

George with his brand new 'Corvette' wind-breaker.

Mitzi was all smiles ... as usual.

More smiles ... this time by Bob.

Great minds think alike.



Now it's John & John ...

... and lastly seen with Chris. John sure was busy!

Bill ... have a seat.

Shannon & Georgia made the club $95 on 50/50!

Yes ... believe it or not. There were a few boats too.

Carol & Lucy had a good time, as well.