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Art Spring Festival and Block Party

We met at early at Kash N' Karry.



Here we are pulling into City Hall.

George & Roy enjoy the sunshine.





Incredible SCA participation ... over 50 'Vettes!

John, Madonna & Charles.


Candid camera time!

There were clowns everywhere!




An incredible view ...

... to see ...

... from way up there!

Firefighter Steven.

Mike thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.










Our SCA winners ...

...took home ...

... some nice things!

We gathered for our SCA Club Photo.

The South Pasadena Fire Dept. was extremely helpful.

Mike jumped right on board the truck ...

... and went straight to the top.




What a cool view from above.






We eventually had a photo ...

... we would take home.

It was also nice to be back on solid ground.