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Gators' Car Show

Three SCA 'Vettes and one AMX make the caravan south to Gators' Show.

What a pretty day it was, too.

A little bit of elbow grease ...

... and a few shots of Flash Wax made all the difference!

Nice job!

What a great view from Gators'.

Shannon, Joe, Kellie, Gabby & Kristina.

Holy Jellyfish!

Bridge is up!

The kids loved the opportunity to hang out on the water.

Good times and good friends ...

... enjoyed the tunes coming from just inside.

And you thought all 'Vettes were red. Check this out!

Red with chrome.

Chrome with red.

Red with more chrome.

Red ...

... and even more chrome.

Did we mention chrome!

Time for some fire!

The SCA was ...

... represented well.

Short but sweet.

Joe & Kellie's ride.

Shannon's ... the 'Hot Rod Mama!'

And Mike's C4.

Other very nice rides that were at the show, too.


Here's a nice '72 Cutlass.


Great wheels were all under the tent.



Here's a cool view.

Nature is just ...

... a nice touch for this show.

A little umbrella refuge from the sun.

Cool view from under the bridge.

And across to John's Pass.

Very creative trophies at today's show.

Joe was called to receive his award.

Kellie next.

Then it was Mike's turn.

Gabby accepted Shannon's trophy.

And was ...

all smiles!

Afterward it was time to celebrate ... the Italian Restaurant way!

All-in-all it was a fan 'featherate' kind of day!