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Lakewood Homecoming

What a beautiful night to gather for an SCA Caravan!

We had a little time ...

... and enjoyed some conversation before we headed down to Lakewood High.

The SCA 'Vettes were surely ready to roll.

As promised, there was plenty of food ... just ask Mike!

Steve, Sandy & Rick.

George was ready to get this thing started.

One of the girls just couldn't resist the temptation, and asked to sit in Georgia's fine ride.

Josh was all hands on helping out with the detail work.

Steve prepares to roll ...

... as the sunset caught one's eye.

We had 13 of our SCA Corvettes on hand ...

... for Lakewood High's Homecoming Court.

Steve with TWO girls!

The Spartan's mascot took advantage of Tami's empty driver's seat.

Shannon and her girl.

Mike and his.

Georgia makes the go round.

Tom and his gal.

Steve with his.

Steve with his girl.

Tom makes the trip with his gal.

Rick and his.

Joe with his girl.

Ron with his.

The Spartans' student body ...

... really showed us ...

... that they know ...

... school spirit!

And here are our second trip with each classes' representative.


Mark and his girl.


George and his gal.







And lastly, Ron drove this year's chosen Homecoming Queen!