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... more SCA Halloween Party 2006

Roland & Tami provided these shots. Thanks Roland & Tami!
Lucy & George ready for the feast.

Cis ... eeoowwzzaa!

Joyce & Larry ... rock on dudes!

Bill & Ronnie.

The guys & gals.

Lucy & Carol.

Kellie & Joe ... got it goin' on!

Jack & Linda ... peace!

Time for some line dancing.

Mitzi & Joe.

John & Larry share a good laugh!

Mike (Heavy Metal Rock Star) & Shannon (Madonna) ... is that you!

Lost in the 60's! ... Roland & Georgia.

Cis & Mike ...

... Carol & George ... There's gonna' be a shot out any minute!

Ed & Felice ... a couple of wallflowers, no doubt about it.

Tom & Kathy.

Steve & Pat ... hip, to be sure!

Vera & Paul.

The Pink Ladies!

The ZO6 Birds!

Sonny (Gisela) & Cher (Milton)

June & Jerry

Joyce & Larry.

Roxanne & Roy.

Tami & Mark.

Linda & Jack.

Bernie & Lucy.

Kellie & Joe.

John & Madonna ... perfect!

Lots going on ... on the dance floor.

Mike & Shannon ...

.. and Phyllis, Sally & Robert cut a rug!

Roland, Shannon & Georgia.

Phyllis & Larry.

Shannon & Dave ... a dangerous dance combination, indeed!


Bonnie & Clyde take aim. Told you that the lead was about to fly!

Air-riff ... now, if they could really play like that!

Nice mustache!

Mike & Georgia show us all up!

Milton (Cher), Georgia (60's Babe), Shannon (Madonna) & Mike (Heavy Metal Rock Star)

Cis & Georgia, really looked dynamite!

Chelby & Alan, a fantastic couple!

Vera & Paul ... enjoy the party

Anyone else need a stiff drink right about now?!

Gee, I like your boa, Mike!

Mike will gladly sign autographs after the show!

Great friends can apparently dress anyway they want to!

Sonny & Cher .. what a beautiful couple!