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Cypress Gardens Show

What a neat place to have a Corvette Show!
Here are a few images of our super SCA support!

Len, Linda & Ron.

Joe working to get their ride looking just right!

The SCA ...

... line up ...

... always gets ...

... a crowd to stop by.

Very nice, indeed.

Here are a couple looks ...

... from the front of the show.

Even a mini-ZO6 was there ...

... along with the full-scale version.

Fine 'Vettes were seen all over.

And the gardens are no doubt, just as incredible.

Beautiful garden sculptures. Here's a bunny & cardinal.


Duck & peacock.

What a view!

Extended beauty ...

... in vertical varieties!

Wow, here's a cool image.

A look toward the lake.

Simply a gorgeous place ...

... with amazing trees everywhere.

And there's always time for reverence.

What a nice garden.

Here's one of the young ladies posing for photos.

Time for a bit of skiing acrobatics.

Lookout ... coming in for a landing!

The guys would just ...

... jump all ...

... over the place.

A pretty cool trick on a ski-seat.

Truthfully, the ladies know how steal the show.


Just amazing!

A very talented group ...

... to say the least.

Here the guys go again.

Incredible ...

... skill!

Hey! ...

... hang on!!

And lastly, their 'world-class' signature pose!

And speaking of poses ... who's the cut one?
Yep, you guessed it ... it's the SCA's very own Kristina!

Ed provided these images. Thanks Ed!
Felice in the gardens.

And here's a view of the show from high above.