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13th Annual 'Corvettes @ The Pier' - The Corvettes

First hot rod in line goes to this beauty.

And speaking of beauties, check out that view! What a perfect day & weather.

A look at the line ...

... as they filed in.

The pelicans even behaved themselves.

Beautiful skies and beautiful rides!

Parking the 'Vettes can be tricky ...

... but being careful is our most important goal.

Check out these 'Vettes.

Great stuff!

Red ... did anyone mention 'red'?

Another look.

Ted roles in.

Minnow makes his appearance.

Birds of another feather flew by all day.

A near endless line of nice Corvettes.

Even a whirly bird buzzed us.

Roland's imagery was magical for the memories.

Sailing was an option ... if you didn't have a 'Vette.

A look from above ...

... says it all!