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My Dad's Car: Video

'It's not just a car ...'

A 1965 Chevy Impala SS is more than a car to the Younger family; it's what binds them together.

In the fall of 1964, Herb Younger bought a brand- new Chevy Impala SS with everything he had. It was the car of his dreams, and a car he wanted for his new family. He drove it with pride for many years, but in the late '80s, when times were a little tough, he sold the car to pay for his kids' private education. It was the right thing to do at the time, but he always regretted it.

You're probably wondering how we were able to capture Herb's true Chevy story on film. It was easier than you'd think. Conspiring with his two sons, Jared and Derek, we posed as a film crew to document three generations of an American family. Herb, being a good sport and a proud father and grandfather, played along. Little did he know, of course, that as he was catching his granddaughters coming down the slide, his long- lost Impala would come rumbling into view. The rest, as you've seen, is history.

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