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Vette TV Update

Like us, many of you were excited to hear last year about the project to launch a new "Vette TV" program on the Speed Channel. We've received many phone calls and emails inquiring about this program, so we wanted to pass along this update from the show.

"We wanted to give all of you an update to let you know where we are and what we are working on in order to get the tv program up and running. Background: First, we put together an outline of the proposed 13 episodes and presented it to Speed Channel. Next, we worked out an agreement with Speed to produce the 13 episodes related to the Corvette and the lifestyle and enthusiasm of the Corvette owner which made the Corvette the only true American sports car. The show was set to begin in January, 2013.

Next, in order to meet our requirements with Speed, we needed to secure commitments from sponsors and advertisers in order to fund the entire series and purchase the required prime time slot. General Motors was excited about the project and gave us their blessings and their support. We also had the support of several sponsors and advertisers, but unfortunately those were not enough to fund the entire project.

So, at this time, we are continuing to beat the bushes to secure the necessary funding commitments. When we have additional information, we will post it here [Vette TV Facebook] in order to let all of you know how we are progressing with the project. Thanks to all of you for your comments and stay tuned."

Vette TV has a Facebook Group established that you can join, but NCM will also share any updates that are passed along.

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