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Final 2012 Corvette Production Statistics

By Keith Cornett on June 6, 2012

General Motors released the annual production statistics for the 2012 model year on Tuesday which gives us the opportunity to see how many Corvettes were produced and which options and accessories were on each of the six models. As we stated in May 2012's Corvette Sales Report, production of the 2012 Corvette ended in early May and a total of 11,647 Corvettes were built during the model year.

For the third year in a row, the Grand Sport Coupe is once again tops with consumers. The wide-body coupe model saw 5,056 built for 43.4% of total production. The base coupe was second with 2,820 produced for 24.2% of total production and rounding out the top 3 was the Grand Sport Convertible with 2,268 units built for 19.5%. These three models account for 87.1% of all Corvettes built for 2012.

On the other end of the spectrum, we see that the Corvette ZR1 production is continuing its decline in production since its peak of 1,577 units in 2010. In 2011, 806 ZR1s were made and now for 2012, that figure is 404 for 3.5% of total production.

The big news for 2012 was the one-year special edition package saluting Chevrolet's 100th anniversary. The 2012 Corvette Centennial Editions were in high demand with a total of 2,201 produced (18.9%). Centennial Editions accounted for nearly 1 in 5 Corvettes produced and for the high end Z06 and ZR1 models, the Centennial Edition was chosen by even more buyers. Just over 50% of all ZR1s are Centennials while nearly 41% of Z06s are decked out in Carbon Flash Metallic.

Another new change for 2012 was the expanded 2LT Options Package which included the Radio Upgrade/Single CD with Navigation, Bose 9 Speaker Sound System, Bluetooth and the Heads Up Display. This newly expanded options package saw growth from 9.6% of 2011 Corvettes equipped with 2LT to 14.5% of 2012 Corvettes equipped with 2012.

Finally, for the first time, we are seeing some numbers broken out for tires. In 2012, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires debuted on the Corvette Z06 and ZR1 but the total count only amounted to 304 (24% Z06 and 46% ZR1). The Goodyear F1 Gen 2 Tires on Grand Sport Coupes, Grand Sport Convertibles and the Z06 totaled 1,314 for 11.3% of production.

Full 2012 Corvette Production Statistics from GM:

Corvettes ModelsAmountPercent      
Base Coupe2,82024.2%      
GS Coupe5,05643.4%      
Base Convertible6215.3%      
GS Convertible2,26819.5%      
Exterior ColorsTotal%Base
GS ConvZ06ZR1
10U Artic White1,23010.6%3075171102143943
17U Blade Silver1,30211.2%405515981883219
28U Inferno Orange4714.0%11522015891616
45U Velocity Yellow6635.7%159296301262923
57U Cyber Gray9698.3%284462251344420
58U Carbon Flash2,20118.9%1721,04060528195206
70U Torch Red2,26619.5%7548051474625939
89U Crystal Red1,1179.6%258530572402111
GLB Supersonic Blue8937.7%212428371693116
GLF Carlisle Blue5354.6%109243421181211
Interior ColorsTotal%Base
GS ConvZ06ZR1
193 Ebony7,25862.3%2,2763,3814061,0811077
313 Cashmere7766.7%1632956624291
843 Lt. Titanium5204.5%12620562103204
023 Red2151.8%48771149282
316 Cashmere2562.2%26122169200
846 Lt. Titanium6585.6%703612320400
026 Red3633.1%292111011300
195 Ebony Cust1,32111.3%6931321306273339
315 Cashmere Cust960.8%735134811
785 Dk Titanium Cust1841.6%6565443340
36S Yellow Stitching880.8%1242291715
37S Blue Stitching1050.9%2310271134
38S Red Stitching2,37820.4%1731,09862589215241
0B1 Cross Flags1,0819.3%815884536700
Option PackagesTotal%Base
GS ConvZ06ZR1
1LT Option Pkg2,41620.7%1,4646532336600
2LT Option Pkg1,69114.5%5548249521800
3LT Option Pkg5,51047.3%6533,0392581,56000
4LT Option Pkg7966.8%493652435800
1LZ Option Pkg400.3%0000400
2LZ Option Pkg1000.9%00001000
3LZ Option Pkg2742.4%00002740
1ZR Option Pkg400.3%0000040
3ZR Option Pkg3132.7%00000313
GS ConvZ06ZR1
34T Blue Conv Top1721.5%001815400
35T Beige Conv Top3833.3%008030300
37T Gray Conv Top1471.3%002512200
41T Black Conv Top2,18718.8%004981,68900
CF7 Roof Panel5,77849.6%2,2603,5180000
CC3 Transparent Panel1,0489.0%3457030000
C2L Dual Roofs1,0509.0%2158350000
CFZ Carbon Fiber1961.7%00001960
B92 Carbon Hood1191.0%00001190
H33 Gray Headlights1791.5%1012632488
H34 Silver Headlights690.6%24411813
H35 Black Headlights3002.6%171013825047
D30 Color Override580.5%31134001
GS ConvZ06ZR1
QG6 Base Aluminum1,26410.9%9970267000
QX1 Comp Gray2211.9%209012000
RQ1 Machine Face3212.8%280041000
QX3 Chrome1,44112.4%1,1850256000
RUL Centennial1941.7%149045000
PYC GS Aluminum7526.5%0606014600
PYD GS Comp Gray7096.1%0572013700
PYE GS Chrome4,57739.3%03,02901,54800
RUM GS Centennial1,28611.0%0849043700
Q10 Z06 Base240.2%0000240
Q44 Z06 Comp Gray420.4%0000420
Q8A Z06 Chrome1030.9%00001030
Q6A ZR1 Aluminum200.2%0000020
Q6J ZR1 Comp Gray140.1%0000014
Q6B ZR1 Chrome1010.9%00000101
RUV Black Cup1381.2%00000138
Q5V Silver Cup540.5%0000054
RUR Centennial3863.3%0000185201
J55 Brakes9818.4%7500231000
J56 Hvy Duty Brakes7,68566.0%05,05602,2683610
J57 Ceramic Brakes5214.5%0000117404
J6C Silver Calipers3,63931.2%582,498131,0371815
J6D Gray Calipers4173.6%3824813852310
J6E Yellow Calipers3653.1%301939882619
Grand Sport OptionsTotal%Base
GS ConvZ06ZR1
Z15 GS Heritage Pkg1,0348.9%0684035000
17A GS Silver Stripes4183.6%0275014300
40A GS White Stripes1201.0%08103900
75A GS Red Stripes2001.7%013606400
90A GS Gray Stripes2962.5%0192010400
BA5 Black GS Badge2,29319.7%01,540075300
Other OptionsTotal%Base
GS ConvZ06ZR1
ZLC Centennial Pkg2,20118.9%1721,04060528195206
B2K Callaway Anniv260.2%01501100
NPP Dual Mode Exhaust6,66457.2%8673,8031871,80700
F55 Magnetic Select Ride Control4,47838.4%4672,0331831,082309404
MYC 6-SPD Auto7,58665.1%1,8983,4285281,73200
ZNX Goodyear F1 Gen 2 Tires1,31411.3%066902843610
XFH Michelin Pilot Cup Tires3042.6%0000117187
Z07 Package1171.0%00001170
PDE Performance Pkg1841.6%00000184
T43 ZR1 Spoiler1,54213.2%127813443778695
ERI Battery Saver3,76332.3%5271,791139893187226
PBC Engine Build Exp120.1%000066
PIN Selectable VIN60.1%010014
R8C Museum Delivery1811.6%166710481921
US8 Stereo2,55922.0%1,521674235694614
U3U Nav Stereo9,03677.6%1,2994,3393862,196430386
U3Z Nav Stereo520.4%0430324
U65 7 Speaker Bose9,14678.5%1,1394,3943862,200437390
U66 7 Speaker Std2,50121.5%1,481662235684114

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